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Iris Van Herpen: Crystallization Featured Iris Van Herpen: The master of 3D print fashion

No need to say much about who Iris Van Herpen is. Some of you know her as one of Bjork’s favourite fashion designer. Her brilliance and contribution in fashion is already widely known. If anyone would dare to experiment with 3D printing techniques and push fashion in new dynamic directions, it’s her!

The young artist’s collections involve, often on a recurring basis, the collaboration with artists from various disciplines, such as choreographer and dancer Nanine Linning, visual artist Bart Hess, architect Daniel Widrig, Benthem Crouwel Architects, milliner Stephen Jones, milliner Irene Bussemaker, shoe brand United Nude (Rem D. Koolhaas), architect Isaie Bloch, filmmaker Zach Gold, graphic designer Tara Dougans, singer Joey Yung, architect Julia Koerner, jewellery designer Heaven Tanudiredja, and director and filmmaker Joost Vandebrug.


Image from / via Suzanne Labarre © Iris Van Herpen


Image from


Skeleton Dress from the Capriole collection, designed with architect Isaie Bloch, 2011. Image © Iris van Herpen, courtesy Groninger Museum, by Ingrid Baars


Image from / via Suzanne Labarre © Iris Van Herpen


Image from / via Suzanne Labarre © Iris Van Herpen



“For the Capriole collection, Van Herpen worked with the architect Isaie Bloch and MGX in making 3D prints, which were then mixed with fabric materials to create these incredibly distinctive designs, which seem to revel in the glorious symmetry of the organic, technological and elemental. The matching curved heels took shape with computer aided design and were then by way of rapid prototyping printed in 3D and laminated with carbon fiber for strength. The upper material for the shoes, also used in some of Van Herpen’s dresses, was exclusively developed by Bart Hess. © United Nude”. From


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Featured photo: © Iris van Herpen, courtesy Groninger Museum, by Bart Oomes, No. 6 Studios